4 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Car

January 10th, 2020 by



If your car is in need of some time, care, and attention in 2020, here are four New Year’s resolutions to start your year off right. Continue reading to learn more

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

Get Ahead of the Game

Is it time to invest in some new tires? How about brake pads? When was the last time you checked or changed your oil?


Ignoring these items can result in costly damages to your car or could even put your family’s safety at risk. This year, make your New Year’s resolution to follow a maintenance schedule. If you’re unsure of when to inspect or replace certain parts of your car such as fluids, filters, spark plugs, or batteries, you can check your vehicle manual or schedule a Volkswagen service today. Our team will ensure your Volkswagen is running at peak performance and will recommend a plan of action so you can be proactive in keeping your car running smoothly in 2020. Be sure to take advantage of our Volkswagen service specials when you come

Start a Cleaning Schedule

A clean car is a happy car. Not only will keeping a regular cleaning schedule help you enjoy your daily commute, it actually helps you maintain the value of your car. Dirt, grime, and salt can wreak havoc on the clear coat and paint of your car. Spills, sand, and food particles can wear down your car’s upholstery. Make 2020 the year you keep your car clean. Add it to your family’s regular cleaning routine or invest in a membership at your local car wash. 

Be Proactive With Deadlines

Don’t let necessary or surprise repairs hold you back from being able to renew your registration on time. Check to see when your registration expires and make a note on your calendar or smartphone to schedule any required inspections or emissions testing a month prior to the due date. That way you won’t have to stress over a lapse in insurance coverage or expensive late fees and you’ll be ready when your registration renewal arrives in the mail.

Consider a New Ride

Maybe your resolution for 2020 is to trade in your car for a well-deserved upgrade. If you’re ready to schedule a test drive at a used car dealership in Mobile, AL, then let your resolution be to visit Volkswagen Mobile. Not only do we have an impressive inventory of used and pre-owned cars for sale, we have a variety of new Volkswagen cars for sale as well. Give us a call today to start 2020 off on the right foot.

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